As with many people, I started yoga as a purely physical pursuit to attain a lean and healthy body with not much interest in esoteric experiences that some yogis purport. The path of yoga, however, has a powerful transformative energy that seems to gently absorb its practitioners into a different way of viewing and being in the world. Throughout my years of studying psychology and growing within the practice of yoga, I have become particularly interested in the way that the psychological, emotional and spiritual are connected to the physical. The body is, after-all, not merely an irrelevant vessel for the souls’ existence within the world. It is a medium of being that necessarily shares every moment of our experience, holding within it the most intimate knowledge our history and a highly refined intelligence. How unfortunate that we so often tend to ignore, deny and misuse this beautiful and miraculous instrument that were gifted to live in. Even within yoga, we sometimes seem to see the body merely as a tool that we force to manipulate itself into places where the mind and ego intend for it to go rather than listening patiently and allowing it the space to open up in its own time and manner to reveal its deepest secrets and infinite wisdom. Constant observation and an acute awareness of how our body manifests itself – how it feels, how it looks, how it is aligned and proportioned – can directly inform us of hidden emotional and psychological dimensions of our being. How beautiful that each of us is created as a holistic unit in which the knowledge and powers of the Universe are housed! It is only when we begin to truly know ourselves and love and care for ourselves properly as this whole within the completeness of being, however, that we will find the peace and happiness for which we are created.